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Fabrication | Specialty Steel of America

Fabrication is the heart of our business at Specialty Steel of America. Each of our talented employees takes great pleasure...

Equipment Leasing | Specialty Steel of America

Equipment leasing is an important part of our business at Specialty Steel of America. When the needs of our Manhattan...

Material Sales | Specialty Steel of America

Specialty Steel of America has more than 100 years of experience in the metal business, and when you come to our...

Specialty Steel of America is eager to meet any and all of your needs in the steel fabrication, equipment leasing, and material sales fields. Please contact us (917) 763-1590.

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With more than 100 years’ experience in the steel industry, Specialty Steel of America is well positioned to meet your fabrication and materials needs in a wide variety of ways. If you can dream it up, we can fabricate it, from the small task of a spiral staircase for your home to one of our notable large-scale projects of heavy water tanks for Naval Weapons Station Earle.

Plate and structural steel fabrication is the backbone of our business, and we’re proud of our ability to meet your needs in every way. We can accommodate large-scale projects by fabricating custom designs in mass quantity, or we can handcraft individual pieces to make your home or business stand out. We stock a wide range of structural steel, plate, and aluminum in house to enable on-time fulfillment of your order.

In an effort to meet the needs of our Manhattan customers, we lease any machinery and equipment you might need, such as shears, press breaks, iron workers, and more. Stop by our shop to browse your options and learn from our experts which equipment will service your needs best.

Our business extends beyond fabrication. Specialty Steel of America sells a wide range of steel materials. Detail your needs to our staff and they’ll provide you with a reasonable quote and will organize delivery and/or pickup. Materials and hardware for purchase include steel, aluminum, stainless steel, truck grill guards, and more.

Experience and the knowledge gained through years on the job are our greatest advantage in the steel market, and we utilize them daily to ensure our customers receive the finest service and have their needs met. Call us today for more information, to place an order, or to learn more about Specialty Steel of America.